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Bikini Waxing Designs, Shapes and Colors

Personalized Bikini Area


Applying hot wax
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Spice things up with a personalized bikini, and I'm not talking about the clothing you wear at the beach. But rather, the hair (or lack of) underneath your bathing suit with bikini waxing designs, shapes and colors. Yes, people are getting this done- you just don't see it.

Personalize Your Bikini Waxing:

You can get your hair formed into various shapes like a diamond, lightning bolt, heart, and even your husband's initials, to name a few. Crystals and other jewels are placed on the skin to style a regular full bikini wax, or accentuate your preferred shape for a more fashionable design. Even if you get a Brazilian wax and don't have any hair left, the crystals and jewels can create a heart, initials, or other design right on your bare skin.

And, if you thought there weren't any more ways to personalize your bikini, think again. Hair colors made specifically for this zone can turn the hair 'down there' brown, black, blonde, or auburn to cover gray or match the hair on your head- and pink, green, or blue for the daring.

Where Can I Get Bikini Waxing Designs, Shapes & Colors?

Salons and spas that specialize in waxing are going to be the ones most likely to do these services, it's not offered everywhere.

How Can I Create a Personalized Bikini?

You can try to design your bikini area at home, but of course it's much easier for the professionals to do the creating.
  • Designs: Stencils are specifically made for creating, which are creamed and placed down, so the wax doesn't touch the hair underneath the stencil. If it's done the right way, the image will remain clear. Compare prices on stencils. Shaving is much easier to create designs on your own (get how-to)

  • Jewels: The crystals and jewels are applied like body art or stick-on tattoos. Learn how to vajazzle.

  • Coloring: Don't use hair color for the head. There are specific products made especially for pubic hair coloring.
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