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How Should a Brazilian or Bikini Wax Look Like?



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Question: How Should a Brazilian or Bikini Wax Look Like?

Answer: Well, this will differ from person to person. It will depend on your skin and hair type, but especially how well your Esthetician performs the service.

So first and foremost let's start with safety. Please make sure you are getting services from a licensed professional. Ask to see their license and training certificates. However, not everyone licensed is skilled. Find someone also experienced in bikini waxing (see what to look for).

Also, please be aware that there should be a clean and sanitary environment to be waxed in, whether you're getting a quick eyebrow or full bikini wax (read warning signs to look for). Safety is the most important thing. If the Esthetician or Skin Care Therapist  is well versed in health and safety, you'll have a much better waxing experience.

It is always important to ask questions and your Esthetician should never get upset or question why you are asking. Remember, your health and safety should always come first.

The Good

  • Hair free skin. The hair line, for whatever bikini wax style you choose, should be free of hair. The goal is to remove all the hair where the wax is applied. There may be an occasional stray hair that clung on and your Esthetician will probably clean it up with a pair of tweezers.
  • Redness. Don't panic because this is normal. Remember you are removing hair from the follicle which is below the top of the skin. You should also be treated with some type of after waxing product to reduce inflammation and possibly an antibacterial solution to prevent any type of infection. The area, after the redness disappears, should be clean and healthy looking.
  • In some cases, you may see red dots or even a very small amount of blood. I'm not talking about dripping or running blood- just a little dot like a pin prick. That is okay too. The red dots or blood is there because the hair is being removed from deep down causing the hair shaft to remain open. This will go away. Remember that everyone is different, so the time the redness or dots remain will differ.
  • If you choose to have a patch of hair left, both sides should be even. If it does not appear to be even to you, tell your Esthetician so that it can be fixed.

The Bad

  • You should never have red patches where skin has been removed. While this could be due to an inexperienced technician, it's important to discuss all medications and skin routines with your Esthetician since this could be a factor in your reaction (read waxing precautions).
  • Extreme change in skin condition is a bad sign. You shouldn't see any excessive bleeding, tearing or bruising of the skin.
  • Possible delayed reactions. As the days go by you may see a large raised infected pustule if the area was not cleansed properly before and after waxing. If a lot of hair seems to pop up too soon or you start to get a lot of ingrown hair, then the hair was probably broken off under the skin and not removed from the follicle. Ingrown hair is always a possibility with waxing, it comes with the territory, but should be minimal.
  • Hair grows back within days. Hair does grow in different cycles, so there may have been some hair below the skin's surface when you received your service. Seeing a couple sprout is very normal, especially if the case if you don't get waxed regularly. However, if there's alot of hair sprouting back after a couple of days, then it was broken instead of removed from the follicle.

More Tips:

  • Although you can perform a regular bikini wax at home and remove the hair outside the panty line, never try a Brazilian on your own.
  • Keep your look. This article about after bikini waxing provides information about avoiding ingrown hair and keeping skin looking healthy, along with how often to have appointments and if tweezing is off-limits between services.


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