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What's the difference between a Brazilian and Hollywood wax?


Hot wax treatment
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Question: What's the difference between a Brazilian and Hollywood wax?
Answer: The terms have been used interchangeably, but there are differences. Brazilian waxes often leave a small strip, triangle or oval shape piece of hair in the front, while taking all the hair in between all the way to the back by your bum. Waxing Hollywood style removes all of the hair, front all the way to the back.

Names are often created at salons and spas so that you know how much you're paying, and they book the right amount of time while having an idea of much hair you're looking to remove. Just waxing the bikini line is much less work and doesn't require as much time or product as waxing all of the hair. So the price points vary for these different styles.

While there are a lot of names or styles for bikini waxes, most people determine for themselves how much hair they want left or removed. You don’t need to be locked into any one kind of bikini wax, just go with your personal preference.

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Brazilian and Hollywood Wax: Don't Try it First

I recommend working your way from a regular bikini wax, to a Brazilian and then remove it all. Waxing your bikini area bald from the get-go may be more than you bargained for. Removing hair from the root gets easier over time.

Just make sure when you do get your wax, that you have fully communicated with the technician your preferences of what hair you want removed and left. If you do decide on getting something like a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, be sure to take special care before and after your wax.

For the Guys

Women aren't the only ones getting hairless. Men are also experimenting with different bikini waxes, from a clean up to removing it all.

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