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How To Vajazzle


How To Vajazzle

A popular craze- the vajazzle. Using stick-on crystals it makes a woman’s private area temporarily glisten and is relatively easy to do at home if you pick a simple design.

Jennifer Love Hewitt got this done and fell in love with the shine talking openly about her experience in her book The Day I Shot Cupid referring to her lower region as a 'disco ball'. We walk you through the steps to getting sparkly at home.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 - 10 minutes or more depending on the design to vajazzle

Here's How:

  1. Hair removal. Shave or get a bikini waxing or sugaring in your preferred style.

  2. Decide on your design. Are you going to put one pre-made design or use separate crystals to create one? (Get design suggestions.)

  3. Get crystals and/or gems. These companies (see products) have a vast selection of individual crystals and pre-designs made up of letters, hearts, cupcakes and more. Or go to your local craft store to get stick on crystals that can be applied on the body.

  4. Clean and dry skin. When you're ready to go wash area with soap and water and pat skin dry. Use a pre-wax cleanser or alcohol to remove all oils. Do not apply any lotion.

  5. Apply crystals. On a hairless area, follow the specific directions from the manufacturer for application. Bascially if it's a design with the crystals stuck to eachother, just peel and stick. If they crystals are separated but have a design in place carefully take them off them from sheet and gently remove any clear backing to reveal sticky adhesive. Firmly press to your skin for about 10 seconds or more. If you would rather use crystals individually, apply with clean tweezers.

  6. Seal. Bindi glue, spirit gum or clear eyelash adhesive (compare prices) can be used on the skin for extra staying power. Take a small cotton swab or soft, clean paint brush and apply a tiny amount of product on top and to the sides of each crystal. Be sure to keep on the outside of your body only.

  7. You’re finished. It’s best to let the vajazzle design set for about 10 minutes before putting on panties or pants.

  8. Removal. Gently peel off skin when you want the design gone.


  1. A pre-made design is easier to apply than using individual crystals to get design even.
  2. Be careful applying to freshly waxed or shaved skin because the adhesive could aggravate it.
  3. It’s best to keep design on the top part of the pubic mons (the area above your clitoris up to the upper most hair line) and not by the labia. You could take off part of the design when using toilet paper.
  4. Vajazzling is very temporary. The design will stay on a little bit longer when sealed. Don't use any lotions or oils on your bikini zone and be careful when showering and going to the bathroom.
  5. Depending on the crystals, you may be able to re-use again by using bindi glue or spirit gum as an adhesive and a sealant.

What You Need

  • Temporary body crystals or gems
  • Clear spirit gum, bindi glue or eyelash adhesive
  • Pointed tweezers (for individual crystals)
  • Cotton swabs or small soft painting brush
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