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Pubic Hair Color


Pubic hair color is a fashion tool people are using to design the bikini area. But you don't want to pick up a regular box of color for the hair on your head and use it down below, it's way too strong. Here are some products specificially designed for the gentle and delicate skin in the pubic area.

1. Betty Color for the Hair Down There

pubic hair color, pubic hair dye, betty beauty
A no-drip color dye specially formulated ammonia and paraben free. Each kit contains 1-2 applications and lasts about 3- 4 weeks. Use to cover grey, enhance a bikini waxing design or try something fun.

  • Auburn
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Fun (Hot Pink)
  • Blonde
  • Sexy (Violet)
  • Malibu (Aqua Blue)
  • Sun Burst (Bright Orange)
Blonde, Fun, Auburn and other Specialty Betty's use a two-step process to lighten first so you can get true and vibrant results.

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2. Gigi Colour Down Under

gigi, hair colour down under,
© GiGi
Gigi, a leader in professional wax makes this safe non-peroxide formula using a water-activated gel. Use it to match the hair on your head, add pizzaz to a pubic hair design or cover greys.

  • Auburn Spice
  • Midnight Blaque
  • Black Cherry
  • Radiant Red
  • Natural Blonde
  • Natural Brunette
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3. Smart Bikini Permanent Colour

Smart Beauty, a company that specializes in regular hair color, makes this pubic hair color. Choose from one of their eight shades that will color and cover grey in one step.

  • Natural Black
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Amber Flame
  • Cool Blonde
  • Intense Red
  • Carmine Pink
  • Passion Plum
  • Ruby Red
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