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How does electrolysis work? Is it permanent? Common questions like these answered- including pros, cons, costs and tips to finding the best electrolysis provider below.

Electrolysis Services and Clinics
Do you offer electrolysis services? Are you looking for an electrologist? Find and list these services, clinics and treatment centers.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Information
The top three misconceptions about electrolysis hair removal information addressed by an expert.

What Are the Most Popular Areas People Receive Electrolysis?
What are the most popular areas people receive electrolysis?

Cost of Facial Electrolysis
I’m looking into facial electrolysis for my upper lip, what can I expect to pay and how many treatments will I need?

What Are the Biggest Differences Between Laser and Electrolysis?
Comparing electrolysis versus laser hair removal. One method has been around since the 1800's, the other in its infancy.

What Are the Different Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems?
Learn the difference between the electrolysis hair removal systems (or methods): thermolysis, blend and galvanic

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?
How much electrolysis costs depends a lot on the area you want treated, and how much hair is there. See what real life clients paid for electrolysis of various face and body parts.

Professional Electrologist
Barbara Greathouse, a certified professional electrologist and member of Kansas Association of Professional Electrologists and Vice-President of American Electrology Association.

Electrolysis Versus Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair
Electrolysis versus laser hair removal for your facial hair. Comparing the pros, cons, costs, permanency and pain so you can decide on the best option for yourself.

Electrolysis 101
Find out if electrolysis is right for you. We cover how it works, pros, cons & costs. Is it permanent?

Electrolysis Reviews
Follow Jen as she undergoes Electrolysis.

Electrology F.A.Q.
American Electrology Association answers frequently asked questions.

Find Electrologist
Locate an Electrologist in your area that's a member of The American Electrology Association.

Can I Get Genital Electrolysis?
Is genital electrolysis? Can men and women get permanent hair removal in the private area? We cover the pros, cons and more.

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