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Eyebrow Shapes Showcase


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Shaping Asian Eyebrows
Eyebrow Shapes Showcase
Photo LWA / Getty Images

This woman is gorgeous, and so are her eyebrows. In my opinion they're the perfect thickness. And although she has a strong jawline, it's still soft. So the sharper angles on her brows work well with the rest of her face and emphasizing her beautiful eyes.

With many Asians, especially East Asians, the brows tend to grow down. This oftens happens starting toward the middle of the brow. So you have to be careful when removing the hair after you decide on the shape. (See video: How to Arch Eyebrows).

For one, hair that is growing down can be mistaken for hair that needs to be removed when the bulk may just need to go. Often a mild trimming helps remove the excess bulk. But you have to be extra careful because if it's trimmed too short, the hair can stick out.

With waxing (read how-to) and tweezing (get directions) the hair needs to be removed in the opposite direction of growth. So you'll have to know which way it's growing to do that correctly. It's best to work slowly.

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