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How To Shave Your Pubic Area?


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Question: How To Shave Your Pubic Area?
I have been using the razor, shaving deep into my bikini line but always end up red with bumps and ingrown hairs. Can you give me some advice?
Answer: These issues are a problem for many because of the thicker and curlier hair in the pubic area. Good thing there are simple steps you can take to minimize these red, nasty side effects.

How To Shave Your Pubic Area

This area requires a little more patience and care. These guides will help you to get a close shave, ward off irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Ingrown Hair and Razor Bumps

Sometimes hair growing back into the skin can be a real challenge for some more than others, depending on their skin and hair type. This article: How To Avoid Ingrown Pubic Hairs gives great advice on exfoliating, moisturizing, which hair removal methods lead to less bumps and more.

The products you use to shave with make a dramatic difference in the quality of your shave, and results even days later. Our How To Prevent Razor Bumps article shares with the must-have shaving tools to beating the bumps.
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