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How to Remove Pubic Hair


How to remove pubic hair? Well, you have options for this sensitive area. Some are temporary and easy to do, while other methods take a bit more work, cost and time but last longer. We go over each option to help you choose the best hair-ridding method for you.

Bikini Waxing

how to remove pubic hair, bikini waxing
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A very popular method for ridding hair for up to six weeks using a resin-wax. A popular service found at salons and spas everywhere with many bikini waxing styles to choose from- a clean up to getting it all removed and everything in-between. While waxing your own bikini line (the hair outside a regular panty line) can be done at home, anything more than that requires making a professional appointment.

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There are two types of sugaring: paste and a gel. Both types are made with natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and water leaving you hair-free for up to six weeks. Many people favor sugaring over waxing because it’s less painful and gentler to the skin. All big pluses for the bikini zone!

The same principle applies here as waxing. You can clean up your bikini line, but more extreme styles need an appointment with the pros. Make your own product for less than $2 (get recipe) and use it as a paste (read instructions) or heat it up in the microwave and use it as a gel (read instructions).

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Depilatories (Hair Removal Creams)

A strong alkaline product breaks down hair so that it can be easily wiped off. A little bit better than shaving because it doesn’t usually create as sharp of a tip like when using a razor. Results will only last you for a couple days at the most. Just be careful because hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals and can burn your skin, especially the delicate bikini zone. They shouldn't be used on the genitals, only the hair outside the panty line.

Try a product made especially for the bikini area, like Ready Betty (read review).

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shaving pubic hair, women shaving pubic hair, how to shave pubic hair
IStockphoto / Graca Victoria
Using a razor is definitely the easiest and quickest way to rid the hair even though the results are short-lived. Our intimate shaving guides for both women and men help you get a close, safe shave while avoiding common problems like nicks and ingrown hairs.

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laser hair removal
Image Todd Keith / IStock Photo
Using pulsed light to disable the hair follicle, it’s FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, but not permanent hair removal. The best candidates are those with skin tones on the lighter side and dark hair, because the laser targets the pigment (color in the hair). Although there is a FDA cleared model for home, Tria laser, it’s not approved for use on the genitals, only on the bikini line. Professional laser hair removal treatments are needed for removal on the genitals.

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This method uses an electric current has the best track record and is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Unlike laser hair removal, you don’t need a certain hair or skin color to attain results.

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