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Shaving Private Area

Guides and tips for both men and women


Shaving the private area? Our guides, tips and advice will help with getting a close, long-lasting shave, keep skin smooth while avoiding nicks, bumps and ingrown hairs. Beyond the basics, we teach how to protect delicate skin, including advanced techniques for creating different styles and designs.

Women’s Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair

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Why don't your favorite shaving products work as well on your bikini area as they do in other zones? The skin's delicate nature along with coarser, curlier hair often needs extra prep and post-care, along with the right technique. We tell you how to get a close shave, protect all your parts and beat common problems like razor burn and bumps.

Men’s Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair

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I'm sure you would really appreciate advice when taking a sharp object down below. Picking up any razor sitting around and a bar of soap only leave you wishing you had left the hair. Our guide takes you step-by-step on how to prepare skin, the tools you need, and how to use them to safely shave the skin in the bikini area and genitals (if desired), while getting great results.

Top Products

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Browse through our list of what we have found really works, not just because it's marketed well, has a fancy label or is sold in high-end stores. Picks of some of our favorite shaving creams, gels, razors, groomers, kits and tools for designing.

Making Shapes and Designs

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If you're tired of just cleaning up the sides or leaving a strip, how about a design? Shaving a work of art does take more time and patience than simply removing it, but can fit your own personality and style. A heart? star? butterfly? arrow? Maybe your own creation. We walk you through the tools needed and a couple different ways to get your creation in place. If that's not enough, finish off with some vajazzling.

Men Using a Razor on Genitals?

Image Varela / IStock Photo
Some guys want their entire pubic zone hair-free. While using a standard razor on the skin can be done safely, taking the razor on the genitals isn't suggested. This doesn't mean that the hair can't be removed, it can. But the right tools have to be used so there aren't any nicks or tearing of skin.

Shaving Versus Waxing

Tinette Reed / Getty Images
Whether you have tried a bikini wax or not, you may not know all the pros and cons to each of these very popular hair removal methods. You might have an easier time deciding learning how you can avoid or minimize the side effects or get better results.

What's a Landing Strip?

Yes, it's basically what it sounds like and is often left when shaving or after a bikini wax. We tell you about the different types for men and women, how to shave one in place freehand or by using a template. Also, communication tips so you end up with your preferred width and length strip when getting a professional bikini or Brazlian wax.

Trimming Pubic Hair

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You might want to keep some hair down below, but not all of its length. It can be done quickly, easily and cut evenly done right. We show you the tools and how-tos for your specific needs and budget.

The Va j-j Visor

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
If you didn't guess by the name, it's only for women. You could call it the female version of a man's cup. While this gadget has many purposes, one of which is to be used while shaving to protect the inner vulva area from nicks and product.

Bump-Fighting Products

whish products, ingrown hair products, treat ingrown hairs
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One of the most annoying and common problems after shaving the private zone are bumps. Sometimes from razor rash or when the hair starts to grow into the skin and becomes ingrown. Whatever the case, there are many products on the market to prevent and tackle this problem.
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