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What Can I Do To Rid Vaginal Ingrown Hair?


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Question: What Can I Do To Rid Vaginal Ingrown Hair?
Answer: Because the hair in the pubic region is curly and usually thicker than other body hair, it has a tendency to turn back into the skin when growing. Although ingrown hairs can happen without removing hair, most of the time it’s when the hair begins to grow back after ridding it, that the redness and bumps rear their ugly head.

Since you referred to vaginal ingrown hair, it has me thinking that you’re removing almost all of the hair in your genital area. Here are some tips to help prevent and treat this side effect from the most commonly used hair-ridding methods.


If you’re ridding it by shaving, you stand a high chance of seeing the bumps because it creates a sharp edge, making it easy for the hair to grow back into the skin. Our step-by-step guide to women’s intimate shaving contains tips for a close shave, how to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.

Waxing and Vaginal Ingrown Hair

Waxing is supposed to remove the whole hair follicle from the root, which is why the results can last so long. Very often, the hair is broken above or below the surface. Just like shaving, these sharp ends create a breeding ground for hair growing back into the skin.

Cleaning up the hair outside your panty line is fine to do on yourself at home. By following the directions to our at-home bikini waxing, you’ll lessen the breakage with the right skin prep, wax and application instructions. Anything more than cleaning up your bikini line, and you should make an appointment with a pro that is experienced and skilled in bikini and Brazilian waxes (read what to look for).

Prevention and Treatment

If you’re in need of help fast, reach for an ingrown hair fighter (see our list for the top products) but make sure to keep it on the outside of your body only. You may also have some ingredients in your cupboard that you can use as home remedies and save money (read recipes). And there’s simple things you can do like exfoliating and using a moisturizer to prevent the bumps from appearing in the first place (read all tips).
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