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Silk’n Story: Part VI

After 14 Treatments


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I have used both Silk'n and Silk'n SensEpil for the past 15 months and a total of 14 times on my lower legs and underarms. Each device has five settings, and I've used the highest settings each time. (Both devices use the same hair removal technology.)

And the Results So Far?

I still have a couple more months of treatments to go. But my estimate so far would be a good 90% reduction of hair on my lower legs and about a 65% reduction in my underarms. A very small part of that reduction of the hair is so fine and light that you can barely see or feel it.

The best part is shaving much less. A very quick, weekly lower leg shave is all I really need even though I have dark hair. I wish it was the same with my underarms. But because there's more hair there than on my lower legs and it's thicker, I still have to shave at least every other day.

SensEpil's Skin Sensor

The only differences between Silk'n and SensEpil, besides cosmetic ones, are that Silk'n SensEpil has a built-in skin sensor to check for a light enough skin tone to safely perform treatments. My last couple treatments with SensEpil have been giving me a slight problem.

I usually do my treatments sitting on my living room floor. I always have a floor lamp on, and if the part of my leg I'm zapping is in the shadow of the lamp or the couch or not in bright enough light, the system starts buzzing. Then I have to keep moving my leg and get it in the right light for it to zap. That has been the only thing annoying me because it's making my treatments longer.

Update: Read my final hair-ridding results after 22 treatments in my Silk'n SensEpil Review.

Catch Up

So far I have seven pieces about my experience. Follow me from the beginning and read about my story using Silk'n starting with Part I.

As is common in the beauty industry, the writer was provided with Silk'n for the purpose of reviewing it. The system will be returned back to the company when she's completely done with doing all of the necessary treatments. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.
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