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Men's Hair Removal

Male hair removal options for the back, chest, face and more. Men's shaving and waxing tips for your entire body, and product reviews specifically for men's hair removal.

How To Groom Men's Eyebrows
We show you how to groom men's eyebrows. A must read before removing any any hair.

Guy Pubic Hair
Guy pubic hair can be removed, trimmed and even colored. Learn about these grooming methods, products, tips and advice for tackling hair beneath the boxers.

Should Guys Shave Their Legs? - What Do You Think, Should Guys Shave …
Should guys shave their legs? Tell us what you think!

Should Men Shave Their Legs?
Should men shave their legs? Read my opinion and tell us yours.

Waxing for Men
Men's hair removal by waxing. The tips you need to know from bikini/Brazilian waxing to the full body. How to prepare, what to expect and minimizing the pain factor and nasty side effects- like redness and ingrown hair.

Men Who Shave Their Legs
These are men who shave their legs and aren't afraid to show it. See who gets silky smooth.

Avoiding Cuts and Nicks Trimming Male Pubic Hair
Trimming male pubic hair? How to avoid cuts and nicks using clippers, groomers or scissors.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body
Braun Cruzer 6 Body is made for men's hair removal- trimming and shaving in one tool. We put all of its features to the test.

Trim Male Pubic Hair
The tools and gadgets to trim male pubic hair. Groom without the nasty side effects of shaving hair totally off with the razor.

Braun Cruzer 6 Body
Braun Cruzer 6 Body is made for men's hair removal- trimming and shaving in one tool. We put all of its features to the test.

Male Body Shaving
Many guys out there are turning to shaving the hair totally off, or trimming it down for a cleaner look. We have some tips, advice and products to help you look your best.

Are Men Waxing Genitals?
Men waxing genitals: Tips and Precautions for the best results for getting a male brazilian wax and removing pubic hair.

Do You Have Any Tips For Men Shaving Genitals?
Men shaving genitals? Ouch! Use precaution when grooming. Find the safety and tips for pubic hair removal for men.

Male Body Waxing
Male body waxing is hot. Just ask Loretta Wilson who has specialized in male body waxing for the last seven years, and no doubt an expert after performing thousands of waxing services on men. Now Loretta gives us more insight inside the world of men’s waxing as we pick her brain in an interview.

Guide: Male Pubic Hair Shaving
Men need a little bit more patience and care when removing hair down below on all their parts compared to the daily facial shave. Avoid common issues like razor burn and bumps.

Nair For Men Speed Cream
Nair For Men. A full review of Nair For Men- Speed Cream. Find out how it well it works and our rating.

The Art of Shaving Cream for Men
Look no further for the perfect menÂ’s shaving cream. The Art of Shaving Cream for men gives a close, smooth shave that leaves skin soft and moisturized. Different shaving cream formulas are made for your specific skin type. Read the full review...

Ingrown Hairs- Prevention and Treatment
Prevention and treatment of ingrown hair. Tips for shaving and products, including homemade remedies.

Male Brazilian Wax. Men's Bikini Wax. What To Expect.
The male Brazilian wax is extremely popular. Men, we tell you what to expect for hair removal beneath the boxers.

Male Hair Removal- Options for Removing Back Hair Video
From waxing to shaving to that new-fangled thing they call laser hair removal, there are a lot of options out there when you decide to start taming the hair on your back. Guys, here are the best ways to part with your back hair.

Thoughts on Body Grooming and Manscaping
Reasons and rules for male body grooming and manscaping are discussed. Men's hair guide shares his thoughts on grooming back hair, chest hair, eyebrows, and everything in between.

What If I Get Turned on During a Male Brazilian Waxing?
What if I get turned on during a male Brazilian waxing? This is a great question because things happen in the waxing room that no one ever talks about. The question that doesn’t get asked is the most embarrassing and can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Pubic Hair Removal for Men
Pubic hair removal for men has its options for many different hair removal methods. We guide you through the various ways to get rid of hair, give you advice for removing hair from your private parts and help you steer clear of annoying and ugly side effects.

Men Shaving Pubic Hair
We help men shaving pubic hair know what to do and not to do to get great results. These simple tips, how-to and safety advice will make a world a difference in grooming down below.

How To Shave Back Hair
Men's hair removal often leads to getting rid of the fuzz (or full carpet) on the back. We show you how to shave your back with a helper and tips for doing it yourself.

How To Guide: Shaving Chest Hair
If youve been shaving your chest hair for years, or this is the first time, you may learn some tricks for great results. Well help you get a close shave, while avoiding common problems like nicks, irritation and annoying razor bumps.

How To Groom and Remove Male Chest Hair
Grooming male chest hair is part of many guys weekly regimen. Heres why. Women love it. Men love it. Why not show off all the hard work you have been putting in at the gym? Keep your hair from getting caught up in your buttons or zippers. No one is saying you have to get rid of it all (unless you want to), just keep it ta

Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor- Battery Operated
Gillette Fusion Power MVP Razor is a must have for anyone who is looking for a great feeling razor.

Bump Patrol Shave Gels (Cool and Sensitive)
I wasn’t disappointed with either of these Bump Patrol shave gels, but my favorite was the Cool. It did everything that it’s supposed to, but added a refreshing kick!

Men's Facial Hair Styles
Facial hair styles worn by male celebrities like Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Johnny Depp. See different types of goatee, beard and mustache styles like the soul patch, chin straps, van dyke, mutton chops and handlebar mustache.

Ear Hair Removal

Ear hair removal may not be something that you have heard about because most people do not want to talk about it. You know, it’s like the elephant in the room.

You may also be thinking that the only people who get noticeable hair on their ears are your grandpa or the weird old guy from down the street. Well, hair does not discriminate. It can pop up anywhere, at anytime. Let’s talk about how to get rid of it of those nasty lurkers safely.

Remington MPT 3500 Precision Personal Trimmer
This personal Remington trimmer is well worth the $10.00! Men, keep your facial hair outlines in check and easily remove hair from your nose and ears.

Bikini and Brazilian Waxing for Men
The male Brazilian wax is a very requested service, but there are many variations. Learn about the different styles to know what to ask for.

Shaving Back Hair
How to shave your back hair using a helper or with the do-it-yourself products.

Back Waxing for Men
A very popular men's hair removal service is a back wax. How much longer it lasts than shaving, the pros, cons, prices and what to expect.


How To Wax Chest
Instead of shaving, waxing and removing it from the root can you for a couple weeks. Step-by-step, we tell you how to do this at home.

How to Remove Nose Hair
How to remove nose hair. Safety, precautions and tips for trimming, tweezing, waxing and sugaring.

Trimming Nose Hair
Trimming nose hair. The best rated trimmers and scissors that work without pulling, nicking or causing a lot of pain.

How to Get Rid of Men's Body Hair
How to get rid of men's body hair- temporarily to permanently. The good and bad of each method and tips for doing it yourself or seeing a pro.

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