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Should Men Shave Their Legs?


Should Men Shave Their Legs?
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Question: Should Men Shave Their Legs?
Answer: I would have to say that’s a personal preference. Some men like the look of smooth legs and others shave because of their sport or occupation. See who in: Men Who Shave Their Legs.

If you're looking for my personal opinion, here you go. I can comprehend why some male athletes and models shave their legs. I also understand why guys shave their back hair off. But I think smooth legs on the average Joe looks feminine and is totally unnecessary. Why would you want to add more shaving to your daily life?

I also don’t know any women who like shaved legs on men. Although, I'm not arguing they exist, and am sure they are out there. Add what you think under Readers Respond.

If a man thinks his legs are too hairy he can trim them down with tools like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom (read review) instead of shaving them smooth. His legs will look more groomed and overall less hairy.
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