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Is Waxing Male Genitals Safe?


Body Wax
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Question: Is Waxing Male Genitals Safe?
Answer: Along with guys getting regular bikini waxes for clean up, they are also getting the male version of a Brazilian. These special type of bikini waxes usually (but not always) remove everything down below, including hair on their private parts.

Waxing isn’t recommended on the genitals, but that doesn’t stop men from getting it done, or salons and spas offering it. It’s a very special type of service that isn’t readily available, as many salons and spas will perform Brazilians on females, but not men. Usually you will find it at salons in large cities that specialize in hair removal.

And if you do find a salon or spa with a male Brazilian on the menu, don’t automatically assume the genital zone is included or they know exactly what they’re doing. Call and ask more questions about the wax: what hair is going to be removed and how long the technician has been waxing in general and performing this service. Skin can get torn off, burned or worse. Try out the technician for just a regular bikini wax first before getting the Brazilian.

Waxing Male Genitals: Don’t Try it at Home

Waxing can be hard enough to do at home on yourself. This is one place that is just out of your league. Even a professional can end up tearing or burning the skin if they’re not trained in this type of wax. But if you’re just not ready to bare it all for a tech or want to save some money, try genital shaving at home.
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