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Malibu Bridal Betty

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


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The Bottom Line

Looking for something blue? Malibu Bridal Betty is a fun, unique gift for the Bride-to-be!
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  • Covers gray pubic hair
  • Fun and imaginative color
  • 1-2 applications in each box
  • Includes stencils for designing to liven new hair color


  • Time consuming, hair needs to be lightened in first step
  • 20 - 30 minute developing time when applying color in second step
  • Smells horrible during the application


  • Manufacturer: Betty Beauty
  • Usage: Pubic hair color and designing
  • Average Price: $19.99
  • Options: Auburn, Black, Brown, Blonde, Violet and Pink colors
  • Kit contains: Blue pubic hair color, dove/heart or heart/hugs and kisses stencils

Guide Review - Malibu Bridal Betty

Ah, Betty Beauty has the perfect gift for the Bride-to-be! Bride-maids, Maids of Honor and anyone who is going to attend a bridal shower…Bridal Betty is definitely something you could put on your list.

Malibu Bridal Betty is a hair color for “down there” that will give the Bride her something blue, new, or just plain old fun. A few cute stencils will help to light a fire on the Bride’s wedding night are included in the kit. You’ll either get a dove and a heart or a heart and an “XO” that can be taken to your bikini waxing appointment. I wouldn’t recommend using them with shaving because they’re thin like stickers, and could easily fall apart when wet.

First, you must lighten your hair before applying the color. The smell of the lightener is pretty harsh, but, just remember it’s to get you the lively results you're looking for. After lightening your hair, you apply the very blue color for a 20-30 minute developing time, then rinse. You'll then have blue results that will make a smurf jealous.

I do have to say it is a little uncomfortable waiting for the lightener and the dye to work because it’s a bit difficult to sit down. You’ll probably be walking around like you just got off a horse. The smell is not so great either, but, beauty is pain, right?

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