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Epicare Facial Hair Remover

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 3 Star Rating (2 Reviews)



The Bottom Line

Epicare is a wonderful product for those who regularly tweeze those pesky hairs from your face. Bleaching the peach fuzz will become obsolete. This product is simple to use and worth every cent!
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  • Easy hair removal with the twist of your fingers
  • Little to no irritation
  • Quick and simple to use


  • During initial use it's painful at times
  • Can only be used on the facial area
  • Can cause red bumps on treated areas


  • Manufacturer: Epicare
  • Usage: Facial hair removal
  • Average Price:$16.99
  • Options: Different colors to choose from

Guide Review - Epicare Facial Hair Remover

I received a package in the mail of several hair removal products to test and review. I was so excited to get them and start trying each and every one. One by one, I pulled the products from a box that was packed with hair removal goodness. My eyes glistened and my smile went from ear to ear. The last thing I pulled out looked like medieval torture device. The Epicare Facial Hair Remover.

Ahhhhh. What in the world is this thing? It looked like a long coil with two handles. Did someone put this in the box by accident? I fumbled around with the directions and began reading. It was a long coil with handles! Seriously? Well, I have to give it a try. This is, of course, for all the hair haters in the world.

The directions were very clear and simple. Bend the bar (coil) downwards and place against the face. With your thumb and forefingers – twist. That was it? How could such an industrial looking contraption take out my unwanted hair? I would have to find out. In my hands were the handles, I bent the coil and placed it on my upper lip. TWIST! Off came the unwanted hair! I did it again and again. It was amazing!

The unit takes the hair into the coil and pulls the hair from the follicle. Out comes the hair with the root! It feels like threading. Of course, just like any hair removal, it hurts a little. With every use, it hurts a little bit less. This is ingenious!

This product can only be used on the upper and lower lips, cheeks, side burn and neck areas. It cannot be used on the eyebrows or any other body part. So the threading, tweezing and/or waxing will have to continue for those parts of the body. This tool s a great one for anyone! Some practice will be needed but in no time, you too will be a hair removal queen!

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