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How To Make Pubic Hair Designs and Shapes


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The heart, one of the most popular designs

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Pubic hair designs can take your shaving experience to the next level by shaping your bikini area into a heart, lightning bolt, triangle or other creation. We give you all the steps so you can design away in the privacy of your own home.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 45 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Trim. If hair is longer than 3/4”, use hair clippers and trim it down to 1/2" - 3/4" using a guard attachment. Dust off any excess hair with a towel.

  2. Apply stencil. Put an unscented thick lotion or cream to the underside of the stencil, and place it on your hair where you want the design.

  3. Trim again. Holding the stencil down firmly, trim the hair outside the stencil down to 1/4" using hair clippers with guard attachment. The cream should help you keep the stencil in place.

  4. Take a warm bath or shower. Let hair get softened by the warmth for at five to ten minutes, so it’s easier to shave.

  5. Apply stencil again. Cream up the underside of the stencil and the hair in the design and re-apply.

  6. Shave. Apply shaving gel to the hair you're going to shave. First, remove the hair that's outlining the stencil using a fresh blade. Once you have that hair shaved outlining the stencil, you can remove the stencil and shave the rest. Read the how-to on getting a close, safe shave in the bikini area.

  7. Alternative method. After step four, slightly dry hair and use a red lip liner to outline the shape. (You might want to keep the lip liner for your bikini area only, and not use it back on your face). Use a somewhat clear shaving cream like Gigi Brazilian Shave Gel (compare prices) that doesn't foam so you can see through to shave only where needed.

  8. Detail. Now that you have your design in place, you can take the hair that’s in the shape down shorter if you desire using the hair clippers.

  9. Moisturize. Apply a light, preferably unscented lotion to the area shaved.

  10. Add more designs. A simple shape can easily become more elaborate by using body jewels or crystals to outline the shape. They are like putting on a sticker, just peel and stick on the skin. Learn how to vajazzle.
  11. Like glitter? Cosmetic-grade glitter adds sparkle to your design in a different way than jewels since they're not 3-D. Kits include everything you need to make it happen (compare prices).


  1. A simple shape like a heart or arrow will be much easier to design, but many stencils for designing are available, (compare prices).
  2. Keep all products on the outside of your body.
  3. If you are going to color your pubic hair, do that prior to shaving. The color may sting on freshly shaved skin.
  4. Hair Care Down There makes an Ultimate Shaving Kit for bikini shaving and pubic hair designs.
  5. If you want the hair to stay away longer than shaving, get pubic hair designs by waxing.

What You Need

  • Stencil of shape or design
  • Hair clippers with guard attachments
  • High-quality razor
  • Moisturizing shaving cream
  • Thick, unscented body cream or lotion
  • Red lip liner (optional)
  • Body Jewels (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
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