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How to Remove Facial Hair


How to remove facial hair? Well, there are many ways to get rid of it. We give you the do’s and don’ts, including the pros and cons for this delicate zone to help you choose the right method for you.


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Unless you’re going through laser, electrolysis or are really desperate for quick hair removal- put down the razor. Shaving creates blunt edges which make the hair appear thicker and it’s extremely temporary. It’s okay for your body, but not your face. So don’t be fooled by these little tiny razors in cute colors marketed to women.

Depilatories (Hair Removal Creams)

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A strong alkaline product breaks down hair so that it can be easily wiped off. A little bit better than shaving the face because it doesn’t usually create as sharp of tip like from using a razor. Results will only last you for a couple days at the most. Just be careful because hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals and can burn your skin, especially the delicate area of the face. Try something like Nair Sensitive for the Face (compare prices).


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This ancient hair removal method using a string is highly sought after for precise eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal that can last up to six weeks. It’s quick, uses no chemicals and is generally inexpensive. A big plus is that if you can feel the hair, threading can remove it.

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A very popular method for ridding facial hair for up to six weeks using a resin-wax. A popular service found at salons and spas everywhere, and a wide variety of home kits are sold. Waxing is very exfoliating to the skin and can cause extreme redness, scabs or burns if you’re already using powerful exfoliators on your face like salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid or enzymes (read more about precautions and warnings).

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There are two types of sugaring: paste and a gel. Both types are made with natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and water leaving you hair-free for up to six weeks. Many people favor sugaring over waxing because it’s less painful, gentler to the skin and the traditional method using paste can remove hair as short as 1/16”, compared to the 1/4" minimum hair length needed for waxing.

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Coil Hair Removers

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Maybe you have seen this little gadgets advertised. They look like tiny slinkies that grab your hair out of the root. Think tweezing, but so much faster because you don't have to grab each follicle individually. Read reviews for two coil removers: Epicare and Lindo.

Laser / IPL Hair Removal

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Using pulsed light to disable the hair follicle the best candidates are generally those with skin tones on the lighter side and dark hair, because the light targets the pigment (color in the hair).

Home devices like Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision, Tria Laser 4X and Silk'n Flash & Go, can be used on the face from the cheekline down. (Tria's 4X and Precision can only be used on women's facial hair.)

Have blonde or light hair? Another device, mē smooth is unique because it uses a combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (radio frequency) and is made to treat all colors of women's facial hair.

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The best track record, and the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal using an electric current. Unlike laser hair removal, you don’t need a certain hair or skin color to attain results.

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