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How To Remove Female Chin Hair


Female chin hair is a big problem for many. But we need different hair removal methods depending on the thickness of our hair, skin type and budget. Here we help you decide which one is best for you.


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Only if you’re going through laser or electrolysis treatments

Sure it’s easy and quick. But I never recommend shaving women’s facial hair unless you’re currently undergoing electrolysis or laser hair removal, because it’s your only option to remove hair in between treatments.

Shaving simply cuts hair at skin's level and creates blunt ends, making it appear thicker. If you must shave, don’t skip normal steps. Use shaving oil, cream or gel and aftershave to get a nice close shave and avoid ingrown hair.

Depilatories (Hair Removal Creams)

avon facial hair removal cream
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You don’t want to pull it out from the root

If you think pulling the hair out will hurt like mad, then a hair removal cream is a step above shaving in terms of how long it lasts. It breaks down hair so that it can be wiped off. But the chemicals are very strong, so it’s not for the sensitive-prone and may not work well on removing all of the thick, coarse hair. Try something made especially for the face like Avon's Facial Hair Removal Cream.


tweezerman slant tweezers
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When in a pinch

Out of the blue you see this long, dark chin hair staring back at you. Tweezers are a life-saver in these situations because it takes seconds to remove, even fairly short hair. But it’s not so great if you have a lot of work to do cleaning up large areas.


epilady face epil
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Something you can do at home, and a little pain never scared you

Like tweezing, you need a bit of hair growth but epilators do the work for you. With all this pulling, we can’t lie and say that it’s like a relaxing visit to the Spa. Looking on the brighter side, it’s so much quicker than removing each hair yourself and can also last for weeks at time.

For the budget-conscious you can try Face Epil by Epilady that is battery powered and can easily be tossed in your purse. Coil hair removers like R.E.M. Spring are also inexpensive, but often have trouble with removing hair on the curves of the face like the chin. If you plan on using an epilator on other areas, Emjoi Emagine can take care of both the face and the body using 72 tweezers on dual heads, to get you hairless quickly while minimizing pain.


female chin hair removal
Image © 2008 Facial Threading

Perfect for all hair and skin types, and visits to the salon aren’t a problem

You would have to be really skilled to do this on your own, using a string to pull out your chin hair that is. If you can feel the hair, those experienced in this ancient craft can remove it quicker than you can think about where else you want to be fuzz-free.

Other pros is that it’s extremely sanitary and doesn't use any chemicals, since the only thing touching your skin is string. The only challenge you might have depending on where you live is finding a threading salon.

 Learn More:


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Good for fine to medium hair that isn’t very noticeable

Hair needs to be about ¼” long before it can be waxed. With dark or thick chin hair, it can require a lot of patience and possibly embarassment to let it get this length. On the plus side, it can grab a lot of hair at once, even fine ones, and you won't have to wax for about a month because it’s removed from the root. 

Learn More:


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Ideal for all hair types and sensitive skin

Like waxing it also removes a lot of hair from the root quickly. But with the traditional technique using paste (not the gel), hair only needs to be a less noticeable 1/16”. Made with only natural ingredients (get recipe and instructions), it doesn’t stick to skin as much as waxing making it less painful and creating less redness. 

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Laser / IPL Hair Removal

Image Todd Keith / IStock Photo

Zaps don't bother you

FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, it uses pulsed light to disable the hair follicle. Generally, the best candidates are those with skin tones on the lighter side and dark hair, because the light targets the pigment (color in the hair).

To learn more about the home devices- including those that can be used on women's facial hair, and one that is made to treat almost any color hair see: Home Laser/IPL Systems.

  Learn More:


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Chin hair is a big issue for you and needs to be gone- period

The best track record, and the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal using an electric current. Unlike laser hair removal, you don’t need a certain hair or skin color. But you do need multiple treatments to get the best results.

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