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Make Waxing Hair Last Longer


Waxing hair is traditionally done by only applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth. Often the results include missed hair, or hair that breaks above or below the skin's surface.

But you can avoid some of these issues if you first apply wax against the direction of hair growth, and then with the direction of hair growth in the same stroke working quickly. Wax will fully surround the hair follicle on all sides, allowing hairs (even fine ones) to be removed easier, while reducing the amount of breakage. Simply put, because more hair is removed and not broken, you will find you're hair-free longer.

How To Benefit

Unless you’ve really mastered this technique, I wouldn’t recommend it on the eyebrows because you might end up taking off hair that you hadn’t intended. That of course, can ruin the entire brow shape.

Waxing hair in the bikini area? You can also use this application method, but make sure to use hard wax which is perfect for coarse hair and doesn’t require a strip.

For facial waxing I always recommend cream wax (compare prices) because it’s gentle to the skin, and beats honey wax because it’s easier to work with and less sticky. Using this back and forth motion is also a lot more workable with the cream.

Make Waxing Hair Last Twice as Long

Slow the process of hair re-growth on the double. Apply a hair inhibiting product daily to waxed area like GiGi Slow Grow (compare prices) to inhibit hair growth and keep smoother hair-free skin longer.
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