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How To Wax Hair


Our step-by-step guides show you how to wax hair from various zones of your face and body. More than the basics, each article gives you tips, precautions and wax recommendations for the specific area you’re ridding hair.

Bikini Line Waxing Guide

how to wax bikini line
Angelo Cavalli / Getty Images
Most pros use hard wax which doesn’t require a strip and works great on coarse hair by shrink wrapping it. Learn how to use hard wax correctly and get silky smooth for weeks.

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How To Wax Your Face

how to wax facial hair
Goldmund/ IStock Photo
The delicate facial area loves a certain wax that doesn’t leave skin as red or inflamed. Read what wax to use, how to avoid pain and who shouldn’t get waxed.

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Waxing Upper Lip

how to wax upper lip
John Foxx / Getty Images
If you’re a woman, never take a razor to your face because shaving creates sharp ends, making the hair appear thicker. We show you how to wax by working in sections and avoid unnecessary redness by using the right products.

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How To Wax Legs

how to wax legs
Image Scpist/IStock Photo
With a professional full leg wax costing up to $100, the do-it-yourself version can save you a lot. Learn how to prep skin, apply wax and remove it to get salon style results at home.

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Waxing Eyebrows

how to wax eyebrows
Plush Studios / Getty Images
It’s so much quicker than tweezing because it can take many hairs at a time. Learn why heated wax works best (as opposed to strips) and how to curb the pain.

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