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Side Effects of Waxing


Side effects of waxing won’t always just leave you hairless. Hair removal sometimes comes with the price of redness, breakouts, ingrown hair and more. But don’t let that stop you from seeking hair-free results. Being educated on and how to prevent these problems and get rid of them brings you a step ahead of the game.

Redness and Inflammation

Woman Waxing Her Legs
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Does waxing have you seeing red? You’re not alone as some redness usually comes with the territory especially if you're removing thick hair or have sensitive skin. Although you may not be able to completely avoid it, there are some things you can do to take the shade down a couple levels and soothe skin.


You’re so happy the hair is gone, but now you’re greeted with a pimple or two and maybe even a breakout. Go figure! This can happen even if you're not prone to acne or have oily skin. Read on so you can have both clear and hairless results.

Ingrown Hairs

They seem to pop up a lot with a lot of different hair removal methods. Shaving is one of the major offenders. Waxing also makes the list because it doesn’t always remove the entire hair follicle from the root. So you’re more prone to see them. By prepping the skin correctly and taking care of it afterwards can help tremendously in beating these annoying invaders.


Uh-oh! You look at your freshly waxed skin a couple hours later to find red bumps. This is different from the what happens with ingrown hair. Ingrown hair happens when it begins growing, these bumps are more immediate are not from the hair. However, it's a very common side effect especially when waxing an area the first couple times. Find out what you can do.


Does it look like someone just beat you up rather than just get rid your hair? While the skin does get pulled on, bruising is not normal, and you shouldn't be turning black and blue. Get tips if you're performing your own hair removal or seeing the pros.

Burned or Removes Skin

The waxing really hurt, and not only is your skin extremely red it looks burned, scraped or has started to scab. One reason could be that the wax was heated up and applied too hot. (This often happens with a wax pot that has an on and off switch rather than an adjustable temperature.) If that wasn't the case something else is to blame and you need to take extra precaution or try another hair removal method.


A shrill of pain may only be while the hair is being removed, but can be quite annoying. Granted, your hair is being pulled out from the root, but it doesn’t have to hurt that much whether you've made an appointment or are saving some cash and doing the DIY option.

Change in Skin Color

So you got rid of the hair, it hasn’t grown back but it looks almost like it has. The skin is darker or there appears to be a shadow or a sun spot forming. It sounds like your skin may be sensitive to the sun, as waxing exfoliates the skin.
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