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Readers Respond: Should Guys Shave Their Legs?

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Many male athletes and models shave their legs. But what about the average guy? Should he start keeping smooth legs too?

Why not!

I love my legs hairy and they have been for years. But I decided to try the shaved smooth look and my partner said they're much more atractive. It's great, just try it.
—Guest James

I would!!!

I shave my legs but I let it grow back just a little every once in a while. But shaving is the way to go. I'm 13 and my friends say they don't, but they are completely hairless. So I know they do. Just don't shave your arms unless it's excessive.
—Guest Duffman573

whatever makes you happy.

As a woman I know that I don't really care what guys do to their hair. Really, I don't give a crap, whatever makes you most comfortable and happy in your own skin is what you should do. Do not shave or not shave because people tell you otherwise. It's up to you in the end and people will always try to put you down so that they feel better about themselves. But trust me, it doesn't work. So if you've ever told someone that they look stupid, please apologize because even though you may forget you said it, they won't.
—Guest i'm a girl

Leg hair removal

I shave all my body hair off besides my arms. The hair on my arms is blond and very fine. I started out shaving my head. I then moved onto my chest hair and pubic hair. I just started to shave my legs and like the way it looks and feels!
—Guest Guest Jason

Not happening

No, I don't think guys shaving their legs is the wave of the future. Males were ment to have hairy legs, arms and chest. It's too much extra time. My legs are hairy, my arms are hairy, and my chest is a little hairy. I tried shaving my legs for a month, it was a pain. If you want to shave your legs or whole body, go for it, I'd never call a guy gay for doing it. For me personally, it's not worth my time.
—Guest Will

guys shaved legs

I shave mine. They feel great smooth. The only comments have been from women saying how nice they look and want to feel them. They tan a lot better. I wear shorts nine months out of the year.
—Guest shaven

Shave them

Women do it for aesthetic reasons, why shouldn't men? I hate the look of hair on my legs, so I shave it off for the same reason I remove it from my face. Does it make me less of a man? In the eyes of some women, maybe; however, my woman has never felt threatened by it in the twelve years we've been married. If a man is bothered enough to comment about it then it says more about his insecurity than my sexuality.
—Guest Iain

Shave your legs if you want to

I shaved mine for cycling after a long time of doubt.... and never looked back. The feeling of shaved legs is amazing and the look of my muscles in my cycling kit makes my wife go all a quiver. Her words. Yes I am a man, married and she loves my smooth legs, and no I am not gay, I just enjoy being myself. But do it for you and not to please or be accepted by anyone. Expect some funny looks, but be warned, expect some admiring looks from women. My wife had several of her friends tell her how much they liked my legs and bum in lycra and they had even mentioned feeling my smooth legs. She laughed and said no they were all hers. Is it gay? Well you decide. But before you do, I would look at all the cyclists in the grand tours who can boast how fit they are, and not a hairy leg amongst them.
—Guest Andy


I was advised to shave my legs to stop the burning after back surgery.
—Guest rick

men shaved all over

I'm sure more men will follow Clayton's example and remove the unsightly growth of body hair. A totally shaved body does nothing but enhance the beauty of the male physique, is aesthetically pleasing and causes less embarrassment.
—Guest james

Wax 'em

For 5 years I have been shaving my legs, but a little over a year now I have been getting them waxed. I love it, I think it looks and feels so sexy. I also shave my chest, armpits and pubic hair. I no longer like having body hair, I think it looks gross and it's so 1980's.
—Guest Clayton

Shaved legs..

Waited too long before shaving it off!! I was way too hairy and looked like I was wearing extra pants under my shorts!! Best thing I ever did, and women like the look. Don't let anyone think different!!
—Guest Rich

Should guys shave their legs ?

Yes! Even though that my wife says that girls only shave their legs, I still shave my legs. Especially during the summer I shave. I'm an avid cyclist and I also swim. The bibs and socks do not pull my hair and it feels better when you massage. Also, when you are in a big group of avid riders and someone has hairy legs they try to avoid you because you might be just starting and might create an accident because inexperience. All cyclist I know including us cat 1,2,3,3 semi pro and pro riders shave their legs.
—Guest Frd guest


Yes, I have shaved my legs for years. My legs had some hair, but it was visible only in some places. So, I decided to take it all off. My wife says it looks great!
—Guest Doc

shaved all over

Of course guys are not sissy or gay because they shave their legs because they take a pride in their appearance. Some girls prefer the smooth legs and prefer the effect. Guys are simply catching up with girls keeping their legs smooth. I'm sure this is the way to go what ever the detractors say.
—Guest james

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