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Readers Respond: My Opinion On Unshaven Women

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Unshaven women have a lot of courage to walk around in public with hairy legs and underarms for whatever reasons they may have for not using a razor. I’m not talking about a couple days worth of growth like stubble that isn’t seen from far away, but referring to a hair length that would rival a man’s body hair. It's her personal choice not to shave, but she's bound to get looks.

Shave or Unshaved

Shaving is a necessity. You shave to look clean. It disgusting to see women with arm pit hairs or leg hairs.
—Guest Addme


Honestly it doesn't matter. Why should you care what others think? That's what we're raised on believing: do what you like, with no regard for outside opinion. I've been shaving since 6th grade (my legs and underarms), but only when I wear shorts. Shaved my legs only once a week, as my hair ALWAYS grows back blonde and invisible, because I had a gym class to dress out for. I shaved my underarms every night because it grows quickly. As for pubic hair, I have an odd opinion on it. To me, it looks a lot better with it than without. (Without is kind of strange looking...) Of course I trim it, and shave the parts closer to my legs, for when I wear a bathing suit. And as for being in the locker room with it, I don't really care. I don't pay attention to see if others do it, but it doesn't matter. It's not noticeable anyway, for those who want to scoff. Do what you want, ladies. It's your body. Not theirs.
—Guest Clara

Why wouldn't you?

I don't shave every day, I sometimes go 6 days between shaves. It's seriously time consuming. But if I'm going to bear wearing something that will show my legs, arm pits or bikini area, you better believe I'll be shaving. Or If I'm going to see my boyfriend. We've been together for over a year now and he doesn't care either way, but I do. What I will never understand is why a girl wouldn't in certain situations? I was on the Diving team in highschool and another girl didn't shave anything, I mean full hair bursting out of the sides of her swim suit and hairy arm pits and legs. It was really gross and distracting. If you are against shaving then don't do a sport where you wear a swim suit please.
—Guest HB


I am 20 years old, and have been shaving my legs since I was in 4th grade. I just wanted to! I never really needed to shave under my arms, but when one of my friends tried it for the first time, I thought, "Why not?" As for "down below", I just did that for the first time today, and I have to say I HATE it. Shaving your legs and your arms makes you feel cleaner, shaving the other parts... NOT so much. So I would say that shaving the parts that are noticeable make you more confindent, shaving unseen areas: too much work/discomfort.
—Guest Lorraine


My mom and dad are both hairy, and so am I. I started shaving my armpits at 10, my legs at 11, and my pubic area at 14.
—Guest lilly

Personal choice

Shaving should be down to personal choice. I used to shave all the time and got terrible rashes everywhere because I never knew how to properly shave. Now I'm in a long term relationship and I don't bother as much as my boyfriend loves me no matter what!
—Guest Guest


I don't shave my legs and the hairs don't really grow and aren't noticeable. But I have waxed them and after I did, the hairs got more noticeable. Basically with everything I try not to shave or wax, just stay natural. I kind of pull hair out with my fingers and feel like that's fine. But sometimes I get kind of self-conscious about having hairs.
—Guest Um


Personally I hate guys with hairy legs or even excess facial hair. But if I happen to like a guy I don't think I'd walk away because of hair issues. If a guy does that to a girl...well, let's just say- SHALLOW. There's obviously a clear difference between hair removal and hygiene. If someone wants to shave/wax whatever for themselves that's one thing. But if someone wants other people to shave because it'd please them, they seriously need to get a life.
—Guest yahoo

Shaving legs

I'm 13 and I'm a dancer. I shaved my legs for the first time a few days ago and I felt so much more confident and pretty. I was really embarrassed about my leg hair as they were quite dark and long and I hated it. But my mum didn't want me to start shaving while I was young because it ruins your skin and my mum regrets doing it young because her leg hair grows back quickly now. But because I do alot of dance shows, it was quite embarrassing. But now I'm happy I shave. I've shaved under my arms since I was about 11 but I don't shave my pubic hair, I mean, I'm 13 who's going to be looking? :/
—Guest Dancer,X

When needed

I find that shaving (underarms and legs) helps get dates. It makes you look clean and put together. It can be a hassle sometimes and can also be expensive, but it is worth it. I only shave when I plan on wearing something that will show my legs. Nobody can see the stubble otherwise:P. I'm not going to stop shaving to make a point, the social norms have been established.
—Guest Alice in Wonder


Ok it all depends with your opinion towards it. As for me, I shave my armpits and my pubic hair. I think it is hygienic to avoid too much sweating. Pubic hair can habour lice. The sight of a lady with sweaty hairy armpits is disgusting to me.
—Guest virgie

Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm 17 and I started shaving my underarms and legs when I was 12, mainly because I had found one long black hair on my armpit and I thought it was weird, not to mention it itched. But I don't shave because everyone else thinks I should, I just shave because it's my preference. Plus my leg hair could have rivaled my dad's... Anyways, as for pubic hair I started shaving that at 15 after finding that I was the only "natural" girl in the locker room. So that made me a little uncomfortable. But when I shaved I was always irritated and itchy down there. So, I stopped shaving, let them deal with all the maintenance -lol- I'm done. I still trim it and shave just enough so I can wear a swimsuit without having to worry. But it is entirely personal choice, I don't think it's wrong or right, just sort of neutral I guess.
—Guest that's just me


Women shave because it's the social norm these days. I personally hate to constantly shave, so I only do when I have to (dates and things like that). I do what feels comfortable. I usually do my armpits when I wear tank tops and my legs when I want. The reason guys like it is because they love the feel of a woman's smooth sexy skin (in my opinion). If you shave or don't shave, it's all up to you and only you. Don't let what others do pressure you into doing it. It just means you're more comfortable in your own skin then they are. THAT I think makes a woman sexy, not the way she looks or the style she wears or her shape and size. But most men don't see it that way :/ I'm a chick by the way, and I like going (mostly) all natural sometimes.
—Guest sam


I guess it's really up to the person whether or not they wish to have the natural look. I came here just to see what people thought of shaving and I'm rather suprised that so many people say not to shave. Personally, I do shave, but as I said it is up to the person what they want to do with their body, right?
—Guest Tsu-chan

Whatever goes!

I was peer-pressured into shaving when I was about 11. My skin is very fair and my hair very dark, so my early hair growth was noticeable and embarrassing. When I went to Germany in high school, I met a few women who didn't shave. I really admired that. I wanted to stop shaving, however didn't have the guts to do it. Now I'm 33, married, and shave my legs, underarms, and "down south". I'd stop shaving, except my husband wouldn't appreciate it. I still don't have the guts to go natural. I believe that the whole bit about women shaving is really stupid, and that women should be as free to have whatever hair they want, or to not have hair, whichever the woman may prefer. I'd quit shaving in a heartbeat if my husband wasn't grossed-out by it.
—Guest Dark Cinderella 1978

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